About Us

Who we are and what we do

We’re one of the UK’s leading insurance companies looking after millions of customer’s insurance needs across carhomehealth and business. We have a single purpose - to help people move forward by protecting what matters.

And in a world that is constantly changing, we’re the people who say: ‘Know You Can’.

When you feel confident, you can go far

When you feel protected, you can go further

Know You Can

Our purpose

As part of one of the largest global insurers, our collective purpose is to act for human progress by protecting what matters.

When we protect what matters to our customerspeople and society we can help give them the confidence to enjoy a better future. We believe that people progress when they feel secure.

Amongst rapid change and uncertainty – we’re taking action to protect people and the environment from the risks that might threaten our futures. That’s why we’re asking ourselves, why should the future be a risk? By identifying, anticipating and understanding risks, we can help make life safer, fairer and more inclusive for as many people as possible.

Our values

Our values reflect our culture of continuously striving to help make our customers’ lives safer, fairer and more inclusive. We work with Courage, Integrity, together as One AXA to put our Customers First.

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