About Us

We are the UK’s leading insurance, wealth and retirement business. Our purpose is to be with you today for a better tomorrow.

There’s more to Aviva than insurance, savings and pensions. We’re on a mission to make a difference in everything we do.

We’re acting on climate change and helping others do the same. We’re building stronger communities and investing in a future we all want to live in. And we’re changing the way we do business by championing everything from the living wage to women leaders.

The fact we’ve been around for more than 320 years speaks volumes about our experience. And a place in the FTSE 100 says something about our commercial success. What we’re most proud of, however, is the reputation we’ve developed over that time. And how it’s helped us grow to become the inclusive, diverse and forward-thinking business we are today.

Today, some 18 million customers in the UK rely on us for help and support in all kinds of situations. It could be a minor bump in the car on the school run. A drone grounding a flight. A sudden windfall. A flood. An early retirement. A cat deciding it wants out of your car by clawing through the roof.

(Yes, that happened, a customer claimed and we paid it, of course.)

To find out more visit us at - https://careers.aviva.co.uk/

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