About Us

At Brit, we believe that the uncertainty of the future should never stand in the way of progress. That’s why we exist. To help people and businesses face the future and thrive.

Every day, we channel our entrepreneurial expertise to write the most opaque risk that the future holds, embracing the change faced by our clients by delivering a service that’s open, honest, and fair. One that invests in the new products and claims delivery they need in a world of complex risk.

Our culture is centered on achievement with four key tenets: delivering on commitments and ensuring the same from others; managing risk actively to optimise reward; focusing efforts to maximise results; living a distinct ethos. In addition, we encourage enthusiasm for improvement, be it changes to process, policy or working practices, we encourage new thinking, and we encourage collective working and open and honest communication.

We are change-makers enabled by a global workforce who collaborate to deliver a risk service. A team empowered not only to survive the risks we face, but to stay on the front foot and keep moving forward. We believe the uncertainty of tomorrow isn’t something to fear but to seize; that it’s full of potential. Not only for our customers but our employees too.